Opening of the Books, and Inflation

November 19 2022

I will begin accepting new birds on Nov. 19, in order to clear out some freezer space and try to reign in my turnaround, which is currently stretching beyond a year. If you have a bird you wish to save until this date, wrap the head and feet in wet paper towel, seal it up in a thick plastic bag and freeze it. Remember, early season ducks will be pinfeathered and late season birds will make a much better mount. Full plumage and overall good condition birds, of a species you may have not planned to mount, will make a better mount than perhaps the desired particular species in lesser condition.

preening eurasian.jpg
preening euro.jpg
preening euro.jpg

Price Changes

Due to material and shipment costs rising, I'll have to raise the price on ducks alone, since they are the large majority of my inventory. To show the appreciation that I can for you all, I'll leave all other birds priced where they are until the end of 2023 goose season.